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Sonic Superstar

Sonic Superstar releases in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows and Xbox consoles, reviving beloved 2D platforming gameplay reminiscent of the classic Sonic games of the 1990s. Developed by Arzest and Sonic Team and published by Sega, the game allows players to choose from iconic characters such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. Together they embark on an adventure to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Eggman and Hunter Fang in side-scrolling levels.

A notable feature is the introduction of power-ups obtained by collecting seven Chaos Emeralds, encouraging players to explore and enhance their abilities. Developed in partnership with Sonic co-creator Naoto Oshima, the game blends nostalgia with innovative gameplay. Despite mixed reviews from critics, Sonic Superstar offers fans a modern and faithful experience of the classic Sonic games, offering multiplayer fun and challenging platforming for players of all ages. action.

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Sonic Superstar Speedrunning Tips

In Sonic Superstar, there are very simple speedrunning techniques available to all players. Once you collect all the Chaos Emeralds, you can transform into Sonic, a powerful state. The trick is to bypass the transition to Super’s startup animation.

By quickly pressing LB and RB, you can cancel this animation, leaving you in Supersonic mode indefinitely. You won’t lose any rings in this state, which provides a significant advantage during gameplay. The beauty of this technique is its universality. It works with every playable character in the game, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy.

This clever use benefits speedrunners and casual players alike, allowing them to move through the game quickly and efficiently without having to worry about losing precious rings. It streamlines the process and makes Sonic Superstar more accessible to a wider audience.

Mastering this technology not only enhances gameplay, but also showcases the game’s dynamic potential and fosters players’ sense of excitement and accomplishment. Whether you’re an experienced speedrunner or new to the Sonic universe, this tip levels the playing field so everyone can experience the thrill of high-speed adventure in Sonic Superstars.


Sonic Superstar Gameplay

In Sonic Superstars, players will embark on a classic side-scrolling adventure through 12 vibrant areas of the North Star Archipelago. The game is reminiscent of the beloved 2D Sonic games from the ’90s, letting you choose from four characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose, each with unique skills. Sonic dash, Tails can fly, Knuckles can slide and climb, and Amy can attack with a hammer and double jump. Completing the main storyline unlocks Trip, a character who combines Amy’s jumping abilities with Knuckles’ climbing abilities.

Across the game’s 26 levels, players face a variety of challenges, from springs and loops to tricky enemies and boss battles. Unlike older Sonic games, there are no lives, ensuring players never end the game. The game introduces special stages where players can swing around 3D environments to collect Chaos Emeralds, allowing them to gain powerful abilities such as swimming up waterfalls or creating clones.

Sonic Superstars encourages multiplayer fun, supporting up to four local or online players. Additionally, there is a unique player versus player mode where custom bots can compete in races, battles, and collection challenges. Medals earned during gameplay can be used as currency for robot customization. With engaging gameplay and nostalgic charm, Sonic Superstar will deliver hours of enjoyable platforming action for players of all ages.

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