Starfield Repair Ship Not Working, How to Fix Starfield Repair Ship Not Working?

Star repair ship not working

In the game Starfield, players are faced with a frustrating issue called the “Repair Ship Not Working” error. This issue prevents players from repairing and healing their ships, making it difficult to win battles. The error occurs due to certain triggers, usually related to common game features and hotkeys. For example, using scan mode may cause UI elements to disappear and affect ship combat.

To fix this issue, players can disable scan mode and restart the game to avoid encountering the error. In addition, players can explore alternative fix methods and double-check their keybindings to ensure they are pressing the correct button for the fix. Having a good supply of ship parts and restarting the game if something goes wrong can also help players work around this issue until the game developers release an official fix.

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How to fix Star Repair Ship not working problem?

Disable scan mode:

  • Turn off scan mode to prevent errors during ship battles.
  • Avoid using scan mode before entering combat to maintain the functionality of repair prompts.

Use alternative repair methods:

  • Access the character menu and select your ship for repairs.
  • If the repair prompt does not appear, use the shipping part in inventory via the designated key or controller button.

Double check the keybindings:

  • Verify the fixed key bindings in the game settings to make sure you are using the correct buttons.

Maintain supply of ship parts:

  • Maintain a large supply of ship parts; purchasing new parts or transferring existing parts between inventories can refresh the game’s recognition of your ship parts.

Restart the game:

  • If all else fails, restarting Starfield can provide a fresh start and allow players to repair their ship multiple times before the bug reoccurs.


starry sky

Starfield is an engaging action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game, set in a fascinating space-themed universe, was revealed to the world at Bethesda’s E3 showcase in 2018. Starfield is a groundbreaking venture from Bethesda.

The game was released for Windows and Xbox Series X/S on September 6, 2023, to critical acclaim. Critics praised its vast open world, immersive environments, and captivating soundtrack. However, opinions on its story and exploration vary, and some find it divisive. Still, Starfield is a testament to Bethesda’s innovative spirit, captivating players with its cosmic adventure and innovative gameplay.

starry sky game

In the exciting world of Starfield, players embark on an extraordinary adventure across the vast galaxy. This action role-playing video game allows players to switch between first- and third-person perspectives, providing a unique perspective on the surrounding environment. The game’s open world is a vast area in the galaxy, featuring both fictional and real planetary systems. Players are free to explore more than 1,000 planets, as well as numerous moons and space stations. What makes Starfield even more captivating is its procedurally generated landscape, creating a diverse and ever-changing universe.

As players adventure through this vast universe, they will encounter countless non-player characters (NPCs). Some of these NPCs can join the player’s party to assist in combat, carry items, and interact with other characters on the player’s behalf. Each NPC companion has unique skills and abilities, adding depth to the game. Players can customize their character at the beginning of the game, customizing their appearance, background, and characteristics. These characteristics affect gameplay, providing advantages or challenges as the player progresses.

Additionally, Starfield introduces a sophisticated crafting system. Players can scan planets and asteroids to identify valuable resources such as iron or lithium, which are essential for crafting various items. Players can build outposts, homes, or resource extraction operations to enhance their survival and exploration capabilities. The game also includes spaceships that players can build, buy, or commandeer.

The modular ship customization system allows players to modify the ship’s components, rooms, paint, and weapons to personalize their space flight experience. Engage in ship combat, where players can board other ships and engage in various activities from trading to combat. Starfield blends exploration, customization and interstellar encounters to deliver an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for all adventurers in the vastness of space.

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