The Finals Invite to Party Not Working, How to Fix The Finals Invite to Party Not Working?

Finals party invitation not working

Some users are experiencing issues with the “Invite to Party” feature in “Finals.” Despite going well after its debut at The Game Awards 2023, players are reporting a frustrating bug that prevents them from inviting friends. This issue arises when trying to form a party in the game, and the influx of players eager to connect may exacerbate the problem.

The glitch is in stark contrast to the beta-stage functionality and affects the overall gaming experience. Fortunately, for those who encounter the “Invite to Party Not Working” error, there are some temporary fixes available that offer hope of quickly resolving the issue and restoring seamless co-op play.

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Reasons why the Grand Finals party invitation doesn’t work

  • Online overload: After the official launch, the number of logged-in players increased and the system was overwhelmed.

  • Game Awards Hype: The Game Awards 2023 trailer was in high demand after its debut, leading to an increase in party invitation attempts.

  • Post-Beta Differences: Users were able to invite friends during the Beta phase, but this feature seems to have issues in the official version.

  • Concurrent login attempts: Many players try to invite friends at the same time, causing a system bottleneck.

  • Technical glitch: A potential bug in the system prevented the ability to invite party members during in-game interactions.

  • Surge in user traffic: The traffic was large in the initial stage of launch, which affected the smooth operation of the party invitation function.

  • Abnormal server load: The server load exceeds expectations, affecting real-time team formation in the game.

  • Integration Issues: The challenge of smoothly integrating party invitation functionality with the game’s current infrastructure.


How to fix finals party invitation not working?

Log out and back into the game:

  • First log out and then log back into the game to resolve the “Unable to invite friends” issue.
  • Simple issues usually related to server congestion can often be resolved with this basic step.
  • This is common during the launch of a multiplayer game when many players try to connect, causing server strain.

Check file integrity:

  • If the problem persists after logging out, consider checking the health of your game files.
  • File corruption during downloading may be the cause of the issue.
  • Although a bit complicated, this step can effectively resolve problems caused by corrupted game files.

Waiting for the official solution:

  • If the error persists, it’s best to wait patiently for an official fix from the game developers.
  • Developers often respond quickly during releases to address a wide range of community issues.
  • Understand that the issue is release-day related and the developers may be working on a quick fix.


The Finals is a free-to-play first-person shooter produced by Embark Studios, a subsidiary of Nexon, the game’s developer and publisher. This engaging shooter revolves around team battles on maps featuring destructible environments. Players are strategically urged to take advantage of dynamic environments to gain an advantage in intense combat.

The game emphasizes teamwork and the malleability of the environment, adding a unique sense of immersion to the traditional first-person shooter experience. As a work of Embark Studios, a subsidiary of Nexon, “The Finals” promises to provide an easy-to-learn and exciting gaming experience, where strategic thinking and adaptability in an ever-changing environment are crucial to success in fierce team competitions.

Finals gameplay

“Grand Finals” immerses players in a televised virtual fighting game show, with holographic crowds and dynamic commentary enhancing the gaming experience. Inspired by “The Hunger Games” and “Gladiator,” the game’s main mode is called “Withdraw” and involves teams of three competing to complete objectives, such as opening a vault and transporting it to a designated “Withdraw” location. The winner is the team that accumulates the most money, represented by the coins exploded by the defeated player, taking into account metrics such as points, eliminations, and goals.

Players select characters based on “light”, “medium” or “heavy” tiers, each offering unique abilities and movement speed. Classes are not strictly tied to specific weapons, allowing for different loadouts. The game encourages emergent play through destructible terrain, weather changes, and different team compositions. The arena features hanging objects and explosives, while certain buildings can be destroyed with targeted support. Limited construction options include temporary structures and “Goo guns” that create a solid barrier.

Notably, defeated players become statues that can be resurrected by teammates, either near-instantly with a defibrillator or in a five-second process without a defibrillator. Players can also use “Rebirth Coins” or, in some modes, a limited supply to respawn after a delay. The Finals offers a dynamic, strategic and immersive gaming experience packed with features and possibilities.

Finals trailer

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