What Happened to Valentino Dixon? Know the Story of Valentino Dixon

Who is Valentino Dixon?

Valentino Dixon grew up on the East Side of Buffalo, New York. He is the only child in the family who loves painting. He studied visual performing arts at Buffalo College.

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At the age of 21, he was unjustly arrested and wrongly convicted for a crime he did not commit. Despite his innocence, he was sentenced to life in prison, a devastating blow to his dreams and ambitions. Yet, even behind bars, he found solace and purpose through his incredible talent for painting.

Day after day, he spent up to ten hours in his cell honing his skills and creating extraordinary works of art. It was during this period that his extraordinary talent attracted national attention.

One particular painting thrust him into the spotlight. He meticulously depicted the Warden’s favorite golf hole, known as “The Twelfth Hole in August.” The complexity and attention to detail in his descriptions appealed not only to the warden but to the wider public.

Despite the injustice he suffered, his extraordinary artwork is a testament to his resilience and steadfast spirit. This extraordinary talent and the national recognition he received became a powerful symbol of his strength in the face of adversity. His story reminds us of human creativity and determination even in the most challenging circumstances.


What happened to Valentino Dixon?

Dixon’s journey is one of extraordinary encounters and unimaginable injustice. Dixon rubbed shoulders with legendary golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus and even sold his art to Michelle Obama, but his life took a devastating turn when he was He was wrongly convicted of a shooting he had nothing to do with and sentenced to life in prison.

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He spent 27 grueling years behind bars, his innocence obscured by a grave miscarriage of justice. However, fortunes took an unexpected turn when Dixon’s extraordinary talent for recreating golf holes on canvas gained widespread attention.

His intricate and captivating artworks have captured the imagination of many and showcase his incredible skill and unwavering spirit. It was this new publicity surrounding his artwork that ultimately paved the way for long overdue justice.

In 2018, Dixon finally got a taste of freedom when another man who confessed to the 1991 shooting two days after the incident was finally recognized and accepted as the real culprit. The acceptance of this belated plea marked a turning point in Dickson’s life, as he was finally acquitted and released from the prison that had held him for many years.

Dixon’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of art on justice. Despite years of wrongful imprisonment, his passion for painting and pursuit of truth never wavered. His extraordinary journey is a testament to the enduring power of art and an unwavering determination to pursue justice even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Valentino Dixon Story

Valentino Dixon was born on October 20, 1969 in East Buffalo, New York. Even as an only child, Valentino possessed exceptional artistic talent and a deep passion for painting. He attended the Buffalo School of Visual and Performing Arts, where he developed his artistic abilities. However, at the age of 21, his life took a tragic turn when he was arrested for a crime he did not commit and was ultimately wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

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Despite facing tremendous challenges and injustice, Valentino found solace and purpose in his art. He spent ten hours a day painting and devoted himself to his creation. His talent came to national attention when he depicted the Warden’s favorite golf hole, the famous “August Twelfth Hole.” This extraordinary piece of art became a symbol of hope and won national acclaim.

With the help of sympathetic individuals like Golf Digest reporters, Golf Channel and Georgetown University, Valentino’s case is finally getting the attention it deserves. After twenty-seven years of painful illegal imprisonment, he was finally acquitted in 2018. Valentino embraced his newfound freedom and continued to pursue his passion for art. His talent resonated with people from all walks of life, including influential figures like Michelle Obama, who purchased his art.

His excellence earned him three Emmy Award nominations and the publication of his own book, The Soul of an Unfree Man. Valentino’s inspiring journey has been recognized and praised by many. The Vatican awarded him a gold medal in recognition of his peaceful spirit and the extraordinary challenges he overcame. As a free man, he remained dedicated to his craft and expanded the scope of his endeavors.

He created a clothing line, an art foundation, and a YouTube series where he teaches others how to draw while discussing real-life issues. Notably, Valentino had an unforgettable meeting with the legendary Jack Nicklaus, who compared him to Nelson Mandela after meeting him at the 2019 Masters. Remarkably, Valentino even told Tiger Woods himself that he would win the tournament in 2019, and his prediction came true.

valentino dixon wife

Valentino Dixon married Louise Dixon, of Australia. Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in prison for a murder he claimed he did not commit, but an unexpected encounter changed his life forever. It all started when an Australian woman named Louise Dixon, living in Sydney, stumbled upon Valentino’s illustrations online. She was intrigued by his talent and decided to contact him by writing letters.

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They revealed their extraordinary journey of love and companionship in an interview with ABC’s 7.30 programme. Louise emphasized that she never considered Valentino a murderer, and their correspondence evolved into a true friendship and pen pal relationship. After a considerable period of correspondence, Louise became convinced of Valentino’s innocence and bravely decided to meet him in person.

When they first meet, Louise immediately recognizes the authenticity of Valentino’s words and feelings. She recalled the moment, saying: “The moment I met him, I really knew that everything he wrote to me, everything he said, was sincere, and from that moment on, I just thought, ‘I’m going to OK'” The couple got married against all odds in 2002, while Valentino was still in prison.

They were allowed to stay together as husband and wife for a period of time, as prisons allow couples to stay together if certain conditions are met. However, in 2006, Louise’s visa expired, resulting in her deportation to Australia.

Since then, they have been separated for 12 years. Recently, Valentino pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was eventually released from prison. He expressed gratitude for the forces that have kept him going through the years and acknowledged the challenging journey he has been on.

Unfortunately, due to Louise’s overstayed visa and Valentino’s conviction, they faced travel restrictions that separated them. However, their determination to maintain their relationship remains steadfast.

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Valentino eagerly looks forward to the day he can reunite with Louise in Sydney, although he has only seen glimpses of Australia through the photos she sent him. He admires the beauty of the Opera House, knows Bondi Beach and eagerly looks forward to the opportunity to go there with Louise.

Their love story is a testament to the power of connection, resilience and unwavering support. Despite the distance, Valentino and Louise remain loyal to each other and determined to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Their enduring love and hope serve as a beacon of inspiration to anyone facing adversity in their pursuit of happiness.


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