What is the Starfield Jackpot Combination?

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Starfield is a new video game produced by Bethesda Game Studios. It was first talked about in 2018. The game takes place in space and is Bethesda’s first new idea in a long time. It was released on September 6, 2023 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Critics who reviewed the game mostly liked Starfield. They love big worlds to explore, spatial settings, and music. Ahead of the game’s official release on September 6, modder PureDark has released a free mod that brings DLSS 2 to Starfield.

PureDark has also launched another MOD, DLSS 3 with frame generation, but this is not free and it comes with DRM protection, which has caused some controversy in the gaming community. Shortly after its release, the DRM of the DLSS 3 mod was successfully bypassed.

What are the Starfield jackpot packages?

The Starfield jackpot combination is 12-19-36-5, which allows you to access the Almagest Casino computers to earn 3,700 points. When you use your computer, you’ll see an option to enter a jackpot combination, and each part of the combination has four numbers to choose from. Solving this puzzle is very challenging.

The only reward for solving this puzzle is 3,700 points, which isn’t that much, especially considering that Almagest was once a famous casino. So, it’s not the huge bonus you were hoping for. However, there are some valuable contraband boxes near the jackpot computer on Almagest, but to profit from them you’ll need to understand the complex Starfield contraband system.

What is the Starfield Jackpot Package?


Starry sky settings

“Starfield” is set in a settled galaxy, an area about 50 light-years from the solar system. The background of the game includes a major event called the “Colonial War” in which the United Colonies and Free Stars were collectively involved in around 2310.

The game’s story unfolds twenty years after the conflict, with the major factions surviving in a tense post-war peace. Players take on the role of a customizable character, part of a constellation of space explorers, navigating this intriguing sci-fi universe.

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In Starfield, players will be immersed in an expansive action role-playing experience set in a galactic open world environment. The game provides a seamless transition between first-person and third-person perspectives, allowing players to choose their preferred perspective at any time.

Players can explore the vast universe and explore more than 1,000 planets, numerous moons and space stations, both fictional and inspired by real-life celestial bodies. The game’s landscapes are primarily procedurally generated, with hand-crafted content enhancing the planetary experience.

Players will encounter a variety of non-player characters (NPCs) during their journey, some of whom may become part of the player’s crew, helping in a variety of ways such as combat support, item carrying, and conversational interactions. These NPCs may provide insights and commentary based on the player’s choices, adding depth to the game’s narrative. In addition, some NPCs can also establish romantic relationships to enrich players’ social interactions.

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