What is Xbox Error Code 0x80072ee7? How to fix Xbox Error Code 0x80072ee7?

What is Xbox error code 0x80072ee7?

Xbox error code 0x80072ee7 is an error that occurs due to a virus on Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Store. If Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Store is targeted by a virus, you may encounter error code 0X80072EE7. To solve this problem, the initial and straightforward solution is to run a virus scan.

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You can perform a full scan of your system using antivirus software like Avast, Malwarebytes, and similar tools. This scan will help identify and eliminate any potential viruses or malware affecting the Windows Store.

How to fix Xbox error code 0x80072ee7?

Here are some ways to fix Xbox error code 0x80072ee7.

1. Verify Xbox Live status

The connection issues you are experiencing are most likely due to Xbox server downtime or maintenance. Sometimes outages can cause errors when trying to connect to the server, causing confusion for affected users.

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To resolve this issue, check your Xbox Live status and confirm that all online services are functioning properly. If some services are throttled or shut down completely, please be patient and wait until the server is up and running again.

Check the Xbox status page. If you see any services with alerts, expand the service, scroll down to Notifications, and sign in to receive messages when the service is up and running again.

However, if the Xbox Online service is running smoothly, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Check your network

Make sure to check your internet connection thoroughly, as a slow or unstable network can cause various problems with your online server connection. Test loading the website or running other online games to determine if the problem occurs on your terminal.

If you are using a Wi-Fi network, consider switching to a wired (Ethernet) connection and vice versa. Compared to Wi-Fi, wired connections generally provide a stronger and uninterrupted Internet signal.

3. Restart the Xbox console

Additionally, simply restarting your Xbox console will eliminate any potential glitches or temporary cached data. This simple solution often works effectively for many scenarios.

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4. Restart your network equipment

Likewise, restarting network equipment can help resolve internet-related glitches or cached data issues. If you primarily use your Wi-Fi router to connect, turn it off and back on to resolve the issue.

5. Build a network

Test on your Xbox console If you still can’t resolve Xbox error code 0x80072ee7 on your console, perform a network test to get information about network speed and statistics. In this order:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide menu.
  • Select Profile & System, then select Settings.
  • Go to General and select Network Settings.
  • Select Test network speed and statistics.
  • Once completed, view the results.

If you are having issues with network speed, stability, or missing ping requests, consider contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.

6. Contact Xbox Support

If you suspect an issue with your Xbox service, please contact Xbox Support for further guidance. Additionally, you can explore the network troubleshooting steps available on the Xbox Support website.

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Causes of Xbox Error Code 0x80072ee7

Xbox error code 0x80072ee7 can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are some potential causes of this error:

  1. Internet connection issues: If there are issues with your Internet connection, such as a weak or unstable connection, error code 0x80072ee7 may be triggered on your Xbox. This could be due to a network outage, router settings, or network configuration issues.

  2. Server issues: From time to time, Xbox Live servers may experience temporary issues or maintenance, resulting in error code 0x80072ee7. In this case, the problem is with the Xbox Live service and you need to wait until the problem is resolved.

  3. Firewall or security software: If you have a firewall or security software installed on your network or device, it may be blocking connections to the Xbox Live servers, causing error code 0x80072ee7. In this case, you need to adjust your firewall or security settings to allow the Xbox service to communicate properly.

  4. Incorrect network settings: If the network settings on your Xbox console are incorrect or outdated, it can cause connectivity issues and trigger error code 0x80072ee7. Verifying and updating the network settings on your Xbox may help resolve the issue.

  5. System update required: Sometimes, if your Xbox requires a system update, error code 0x80072ee7 may appear. Make sure your Xbox console has the latest system software installed by checking the settings menu for any available updates.


Xbox is a video game brand owned and created by Microsoft. It covers a range of products and services, including five video game consoles, gaming apps, the Xbox cloud game streaming service, online services such as Xbox Network and Xbox Game Pass, and development studio Xbox Game Studios. The brand was originally launched in the United States in November 2001 with the launch of the original Xbox gaming console.

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The original Xbox console was the first video game console produced by an American company since the Atari Jaguar ceased production in 1996. By May 2006, it had sold more than 24 million units.

Microsoft’s second game console, the Xbox 360, was released in 2005 and has sold 86 million units as of October 2021. The third console, the Xbox One, was launched in November 2013 and has sold 51 million units. In November 2020, the fourth-generation Xbox consoles Xbox Series X and Series S were released. Phil Spencer took over as head of Xbox in late March 2014, succeeding Marc Whitten.


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