What to Do With Contraband Starfield? Starfield Contraband Explained

What should I do if I encounter contraband Starfield?

In Starfield, selling contraband at trading establishments is a common practice in order to earn extra currency or gain access to valuable resources. These trade establishments are readily available in all major star systems that you explore throughout the game.

So whether you stumble across illegal items or are intentionally looking for them, you can visit these trade authority centers to convert your contraband into useful or profitable items. It adds exciting gameplay as you navigate Starfield’s dynamic world while choosing your interactions with contraband.

Starry sky contraband explained

In Starfield, the term “contraband” refers to any item that is illegal to possess or trade within a specific area or location of the game. Possession of contraband means that you obtain an item or substance that is prohibited by local law or regulation. To help you keep an eye on these prohibited items, the game uses yellow markers in your inventory to highlight them. This tag makes it easy to identify and track any contraband you might want to consider selling on the black market or dispose of with caution.

To help players navigate this morally complex universe, Starfield employs a practical system. Your inventory comes with a unique yellow marker that highlights any contraband you’re carrying. This is a valuable tool that makes it easier for you to identify these prohibited items and decide whether to trade them cautiously on the thriving black market. Be careful, though, as dealing with contraband can lead to thrilling adventures or dangerous encounters as you explore the intricate legal and criminal web in the game’s immersive universe.


starry sky

“Starfield” is developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios, and was unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 conference in 2018. Set in a space-themed setting, the action RPG marks Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in nearly three decades. It is expected to release on September 6, 2023 on Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Starfield was critically acclaimed for its open-ended gameplay, combat, visuals, music, and improved technical performance compared to Bethesda’s previous games. However, critics were more diverse in their opinions of its story and exploration aspects.

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Starfield is an action role-playing game set in an open-world galaxy with over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations to explore. Players can switch between first-person and third-person views. The game features procedurally generated landscapes, as well as hand-crafted content, terrain, and alien life based on the planet’s stars and atmosphere. The largest city, New Atlantis, is huge. Players can recruit NPCs to join their party, assist in combat, and interact with other characters.

Customization options include body type, appearance, background, and characteristics that affect gameplay. Characters level up in five skill trees and have a variety of weapons and attachments. A jetpack aids in combat and traversal. Planets can be scanned for resources and outposts can be built for research and crafting. Players can own and customize ships, trade or fight other NPC ships, and even board them.

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