Where to Find and Catch Arsox in Palworld? Exploring Arsox in Palworld

Where can I find and capture Arsox in Palworld?

In the vast world of Palworld, locating and capturing Arsox can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. These fiery creatures, resembling shaggy rams with a searing touch, possess valuable skills and statistics perfect for base management and combat. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find and catch Arsox in Palworld:

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Where to find Arsox:

1.Hatch from a burnt egg:

While there is a chance to obtain Arsox by hatching Scorched Eggs, this method may not always be reliable.

2. Search the map:

A more reliable method is to explore the map. To locate Arsox in the wild:

  • Head northeast, past a series of islands, to an area strewn with bones, Verdant Brook.

  • Cross the water to reach the fire zone on the map, where there are rivers of boiling lava.

  • Here, amid the fiery landscape, you’ll meet various Kindling friends, including packs of Arsox that roam freely in the area.

3. Use habitat maps:

Once you’ve captured at least one Assox, use Paldek’s habitat map to pinpoint other spawning spots to the west and north.

How to catch Asox:

1. Equip the giant sphere:

Make sure you have at least one of Palworld’s giant orbs for the best chance of catching Arsox. Standard Palspheres are not sufficient for this task.

2. Battle preparation:

Choose a friend with good attack power, such as Daedream, to weaken Arsox. Arm yourself with powerful weapons like three arrow bow for powerful shooting.

3. Beware of attacks:

Be wary of Asox’s powerful charge and projectile attacks. Use agile moves like side flips to dodge incoming attacks.

4. Weaken and Capture:

Once Asox is severely depleted of health, giant spheres can be thrown to trap it. Be prepared to make multiple attempts to get the best chance of success. If unsuccessful, consider using Gigasphere as a backup plan.

5. Salvage resources:

If Assox dies, collect valuable drops such as horns or fire organs, which can be used for various crafting purposes.

By following these guidelines, adventurers can improve their chances of successfully finding and capturing Arsox in Palworld, taking advantage of its unique properties to enhance their base and combat capabilities.

Explore Verdant Creek

Exploring Verdant Brook provides adventurers with the first step toward finding and capturing Arsox in Palworld. This bone-strewn area is set in a vast landscape and is a key waypoint to obtain these fiery creatures. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect when venturing into Verdant Brook:

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Landscape and Environment:

Verdant Creek is characterized by a desolate yet charming landscape dotted with scattered bones and remnants of past explorers. The area is rugged, with exposed rocks and sparse vegetation. Despite its name, the creek itself is more like a dry riverbed, adding to the sense of isolation and mystery surrounding the area.

Terrain Navigation:

As adventurers cross Verdant Creek, they must remain cautious and vigilant. Uneven terrain presents challenges that require careful navigation to avoid potential hazards. Players may encounter obstacles such as steep cliffs, narrow paths, and hidden crevices, adding an element of exploration and discovery to the journey.

Meeting Kindling Friends:

In the desolation of the Verdant Valley, explorers may stumble across a variety of ignited friends, including the elusive Asoks. These fiery creatures roam the area in small groups, adding life to the environment with their presence. Players must remain alert and observant, scanning their surroundings for signs of Arsox activity.

Exploring Verdant Brook is the gateway to uncovering Palworld’s secrets and gaining valuable allies like Arsox. By braving the challenges of this bone-strewn landscape, adventurers can embark on an exciting journey filled with the thrill of exploration, discovery and capturing elusive creatures.

friend world

Palworld is an upcoming game developed by Pocketpair for Microsoft Windows and Xbox, presenting an intriguing blend of single-player and multiplayer dynamics reminiscent of the Pokémon series.

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Immersed in a vast open-world environment, players venture into the enchanted kingdom of Palpagos Island, where they have the opportunity to meet and gather a group of mythical creatures known as “Partners.” Palworld is expected to launch on January 19, 2024, promising an innovative blend of survival, crafting, and multiplayer components.

In Palworld, players can not only traverse a vast land, but also collaborate with friends to participate in a variety of activities, including combat, construction, farming, and industrial operations. These companions transcend mere friendship and become indispensable allies, crucial to overcoming the various challenges encountered in the game.

Friends world gameplay

Palworld’s gameplay centers around the exciting trials of survival, exploration, and collaboration with extraordinary creatures known as “Pals.” In this vast adventure, players face a variety of dangers, from food shortages to harsh weather to the looming threat of poachers.

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To endure, players must adapt and occasionally consume friends when necessary. The game offers a wealth of activities, including traversing the terrain on top of your companions, building mansions with the help of your companions, and enriching life by recruiting valuable creatures to perform basic tasks such as lighting fires, generating electricity, and extracting minerals.

Additionally, Palworld introduces fascinating elements such as agriculture, with different Pals demonstrating proficiency in sowing, watering, and harvesting. Players can work with their friends to grow enchanting farms and orchards, including those that replicate themselves after planting.

Automation becomes a key aspect, allowing players to build factories and recruit companions to perform manual labor. With multiplayer capabilities, players can invite companions for cooperative adventures, engage in friendly competition, and participate in the bustling trade of this vibrant and ever-evolving game world.

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Friends World Overview

release date

January 19, 2024


Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Shooter, RPG Video Game, Indie Game, Fighting Game, Early Access


pocket to company


pocket to company


Unreal Engine 5

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Parr World Trailer

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