Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.04 Patch Notes and Latest News

Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.04 patch notes

The Aliens Dark Descent Update 1.04 was officially released on August 1, 2023. This update comes directly from Tindalos Interactive, the game’s developer, making it an official and highly anticipated update for players to enjoy.

Major bug fixes

  • Addition of a security to avoid the players from triggering the ARC tutorial while being in the Command Room narrative sequence in Dead Hills (Mission 1) which resulted in a blocker.
  • Amputated marines are no longer visible on the Mission Report, a message indicating the marines is in the medbay is added.
  • Improvement of a previous fix that was unlocking Olduvai (Mission 11) for players stuck at the end of Pryce of Deception (Mission 10).
  • Using the skill Incineration inside the ARC/APC will block the extraction and the movement of the squad.
  • Fix a crash that was occurring when a marine fell through the ground, got deleted by the game and the player clicked on the marine’s card.
  • Fix of many blockers that could occur on the Cover tutorial of Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2).
  • The attribute Smart Ass can no longer be proposed to the Tecker class.
  • It is now impossible to spam the RB/R1 gamepad button to do the first phase of the Sector Map tutorial in Dead Hills (Mission 1) to prevent a blocker.
  • Improvement of the performances when aiming with a skill.
  • The Psychiatric Care Unit is no longer accessible before unlocking it.
  • Addition of a security to avoid a blocker during the First Deployment Tutorial between the Prologue and Dead Hills (Mission 1).
  • The squad will now be teleported inside the defense room to avoid blocker in Harper’s Hell (Mission 3)
  • You cannot extract during the Crusher reveal to avoid blocker in Dead Hills (Mission 1)
  • Fix performance problems caused by the drone in the Harper’s Hell (Mission 3)
  • The objective “Get rid of the guardians” in Olduvai (Mission 11) will now trigger properly when deploying or redeploying your APC to a specific waypoint
  • Fix of many pathfinding problems during the last mission (Mission 12)
  • The marine panel will now correctly update the statistics of the marine when affected by an specific state (ex: Tired)
  • Improvement of the performances when exploding a barricade
  • Fix some cases where a mission can’t be completed at 100% even when all the objectives are completed.
  • Fix of the lift during the mission of the “Tantalus Base” (Mission 08) where the lift may stay stuck once inside.
  • Fix of the lift during the mission on “Pharos Spire” (Mission 10) where the outside doors don’t open on the first floor (Office Floor) after completing the objectives.
  • Fix of a crash occurring when a marine dies while interacting.
  • Fix of a bug where a marine can be pushed outside of the map resulting in a blocking situation (The marine is now teleported back to closest valid position).
  • General Stability Improvement and several fixes on various crashes.

Minor bug fixes

  • Being in the option menu was still counting in the mission duration statistic.
  • The lift that allows you to go from the Refinery (Mission 3) to Olduvai (Mission 11) will always be on the floor the squad is on.
  • Fix a cover that was not working in the Basement -2 in Olduvai (Mission 11).
  • The marine’s animation will not loop anymore when spamming the validated button during the marine attribute selection.
  • Increase ‘Stubborn’ label font size to make it more noticeable when it’s in effect.
  • Shelter icon will disappear if the door has been destroyed.
  • “Overloaded Deployable Motion Tracker” can no longer be interacted with after they explode.
  • Loading a save inside a trigger box no longer triggers all the events on the map.
  • Dead marines with the personality trait “Kleptomaniac” will no longer steal materials.
  • Aggressiveness gauge will be the same in the tactical view and when opening the map.
  • The Precision Shot now correctly makes noise when used against Eggs.
  • Reduced the ragdoll of “big” xenomorphs when killed by explosions.
  • Pressing “Confirm” a few times to extract marines will no longer leave the UI message on screen.
  • You can no longer interact with survivors through the Fog of War.
  • The C4 is now correctly appearing on the barricade at the end of the interaction.
  • Attempt to fix the Recon cloth movement when the active pause is pressed or released.
  • The Drone can no longer weld from its position, it will correctly reach the door first.
  • The Drone’s welding now plays the correct VFX.
  • The Stop order can now also cancel Drone orders.
  • Tweaking of the Codex UI for better navigation.
  • Wheels of the APC will not spin during the descent to Omicron Dig Site (Mission 11).
  • Increase of the rat speed in Nuclear Protocol (Mission 5) to avoid the player catching him up and breaking the narrative sequence.
  • The animation of the UI when picking up a sentry will now be played correctly.
  • The Fog of War will be correctly removed when you destroy a wall and leave the room before the explosion happens.
  • The datapad shortcut will no longer open the Sector Map UI if it was the last Map mode that was open.
  • Fix some shelter issues on Harper’s Hell (Mission 3).
  • Fix a spawn that was eligible for massive onslaught even though the area was not unlocked yet in Harper’s Hell (Mission 3) creating a blocker.
  • Tweaking of the animations of Otago’s UI.
  • Fix of a room where it was impossible to create a shelter in Olduvai (Mission 11).
  • Opening the map during the installation of a sentry will no longer make the ammunition of the sentry disappear.
  • Fix of the animation when opening the map.
  • Part of the UI could stay while the map was open.
  • Fix many collision issues across all locations.
  • Warriors can no longer jump on a marine that is welding a door to prevent the xenomorph from getting stuck inside the door.
  • The objective marker “Check your cameras” in Pryce of Deception is now displayed at the right position.
  • Fix the tooltip of “Tired” state in the Inspect Squad tab of the map.
  • Aliens will no longer get stuck inside slopes when dashing.
  • Making noise with a drone will now correctly set the Hive awareness to Detected.
  • A message will be displayed when a marine carrying a follower is outside of the lift but the rest of the squad isn’t.
  • Moving the drone no longer removes the cover from the marines.
  • Marines’ lights could be partially broken when carrying someone and after dropping it on the floor.
  • Fix some parts of the UI in the Otago’s Armory.
  • The head’s rotation of synthetics in the last mission (Mission 12) now works as intended.
  • Fix an issue occuring in some languages where the text indicates that a marine is inside the ARC/APC was overlapping the marine card.
  • Some texts were not correctly aligned in the description of the missions in the Mission Selection Screen.
  • A Marine in “suppressive fire” state can now perform a reprimand.
  • Moving the cursor outside of the Command Deck in the Prologue won’t block the progress anymore.
  • Prevent an issue during Pharos Spire (Mission 10) where the elevator to reach the Security Floor could not work under specific conditions.
  • During the mission located on “Refinery” (Mission 03) fix of the doors at the North east of the map on the ground floor, where the ARC can get through a closed door.
  • Fix of the enemy position in every mission to avoid them being stuck in the environment.
  • Fix of the objective indicator of the mission located in “Pharos Spire” (Mission 10) indicating the wrong lifts.
  • During the mission “Pharos Spire” (Mission 10), a door of a building has been closed on the ground level next to the spire, to avoid the squad being potentially attacked from an ambush during a scripted sequence.
  • Fix of the marines watching in the wrong direction after going out of the Carrier.
  • Add security to avoid a crash occurring during the lift transition between “Berkley’s Dock” and the “Montero”.
  • Enemies stuck under the map can no longer block an interaction if your squad sees them.
  • Fix a crash occurring when the player uses the flamethrower and cancel it before validating it.
  • The player can no longer rebind the Left/Right mouse buttons to avoid blocking situations during the game.
  • Fix of the Marine’s sight on “Dead Hills” (Mission 01) to avoid them being able to see inside rooms while being outside.
  • Fix of an issue triggering a game over if the last living marine of the squad is inside a Power Loader.
  • Fix of the “Massive Onslaught” GUI not displaying when loading a save made during a massive onslaught.
  • Fix of the cursor not displaying when the player has ordered a “leave mission” or a “redeploy” to another location and the squad is killed while extracting.
  • Fix of an issue when spam clicking on the cancel button above the marine inside a lift resulting in the cancel button staying displayed indefinitely.
  • Fix of a glitch occuring on the skill menu and interaction menu, where the error message displayed the wrong information if the player moves too quickly between the options.
  • The cinematics subtitles are no longer visible when disabled.
  • During the cover tutorial of the prologue, add a focus and orient camera on the cover position to reach, to avoid a blocking situation for widescreen users.


  • The light displayed above the drone to better see it no longer cast shadow on the floor.


  • Fix of an objective that was mentioning the APC before it was unlocked in Berkley’s Dock (Mission 2).
  • The Powercore in Atmospheric Nightmare is now properly localized.
  • Fix of the “Egg” Codex Entry to match the design.
  • Fix of some bullet points on the “Stress Factors” Codex entry.


  • It is now impossible to redeploy your squad during a Massive Onslaught.
  • Improvement of the Praetorian behavior. It now makes a circular attack when passing through the squad.
  • The Synthetic bodies can longer be interacted with in the fog of war.
  • The flamethrower isn’t blocked by explosive barrels anymore.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Addition of an option to limit the FPS on PC only (60/120/144/Unlimited).
  • Addition of a campaign option to disable the Death Clock.
  • Addition of a campaign start option to skip the Prologue once it has been completed at least one time.
  • Tweak some acknows to improve the pacing.
  • Addition of music in the marine deployment and the mission return screens.
  • Addition of an autosave in the Otago when returning to the main menu or leaving the game.
  • You can dismiss dynamic pop-ups with a right click.
  • Doors of a shelter will now have an icon above them to help players identify which one is required to be welded.
  • Rework of the Xenotech Panel to accommodate 11 slots.
  • The player can no longer leave the control mapping menu without resolving input conflict.
  • Marines ordered to carry or enter a Power Loader are no longer eligible to perform one of the following interactions afterward: place a mine, sentry, deployable motion tracker, or tripod.

Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent, a thrilling real-time strategy video game developed by Tindalos Interactive in collaboration with Disney’s 20th Century Games and published by Focus Entertainment, was released on June 20, 2023. Set in the gripping Alien universe, the game immerses players in the year 2198, 19 years after the events of the original trilogy films.

As a squad commander, players lead a team of four colonial marines on the moon of Lethe, facing deadly Xenomorphs and rogue agents from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. With its top-down perspective, real-time combat, and time-slowing mechanics, Aliens: Dark Descent delivers an intense and strategic gameplay experience, combining exploration, character development, and tactical battles against relentless extraterrestrial threats.


Aliens Dark Descent Gameplay

Aliens: Dark Descent offers an enthralling real-time strategy experience set in the gripping Alien universe. In the year 2198, players take on the role of a squad commander leading a team of four colonial marines on the moon of Lethe, where they must confront deadly Xenomorphs and rogue agents from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

The game presents a top-down perspective, combining real-time combat and strategic decision-making to create an intense and immersive gameplay experience. Players are tasked with issuing commands to their squad members, engaging in tactical battles, and exploring the moon station to uncover shortcuts and deploy motion trackers for tracking alien movements.

While combat occurs in real-time, players have the ability to slow down time temporarily to plan and execute ambushes effectively. Each marine has unique weapons, abilities, and mental traits that players need to manage to ensure their squad’s success. Character development, environmental interaction, and the strategic use of resources all play pivotal roles in surviving the relentless extraterrestrial threats on Lethe. The game’s dynamic mission structure offers challenges that can last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, ensuring a varied and thrilling experience for players.

Aliens Dark Descent Plot

Set in the year 2198, on the moon of Lethe, the story of Aliens: Dark Descent follows a gripping tale of survival and intrigue. The USS Otago is preparing for a shakedown, while at Pioneer Station, the shuttle Bentonville unknowingly releases deadly Xenomorph aliens from its cargo. Chaos ensues as the crew is mercilessly massacred, and Deputy Administrator Maeko Hayes realizes the impending danger. However, her warnings go unheeded as she encounters face huggers and finds herself fighting for her life.

In the midst of the mayhem, the Otago is crippled, and Hayes is extracted by Sgt. Jonas Harper and his squad of Colonial Marines. Taking command, Harper teams up with Hayes as his Intelligence officer, and together, they face the threat of Xenomorphs and the enigmatic Darwin Era cult, who revere the aliens as the pinnacle of evolution. As they explore the moon station, the Marines uncover secrets, make tough decisions, and must constantly balance survival with their mission objectives.

Their journey leads them to the Olduvai Trimonite refinery, where they encounter Guardians – cultists with an unusual relationship with the Xenomorphs. A deeper connection between the cult and Weyland-Yutani, the notorious corporation, becomes evident as they delve further into the mysteries of Lethe. Along the way, Harper’s own past comes back to haunt him, as he discovers a personal connection to the unfolding events.

With a sense of urgency, the Marines race against time to repair the Otago and escape Lethe before the Weyland-Yutani Corporation initiates their deadly Cerberus Protocol, which involves full nuclear sterilization of the moon. Along the way, they face betrayal, sacrifice, and revelations that challenge their beliefs and values.

As the fate of Lethe hangs in the balance, Harper and his team must confront a gargantuan Xenomorph Queen and make the ultimate sacrifice to save the day. With the Otago finally repaired, they leave Lethe’s orbit, carrying with them the weight of their experiences and the hope for a safer future in deep space. Aliens: Dark Descent weaves a compelling narrative that keeps players on the edge of their seats, immersing them in the heart-pounding world of the Alien universe.

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