Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG, Super Mario RPG Extra Shiny Stone

Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG

Shiny Stones are a special item in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It first appeared in 1996 and most recently appeared in the Nintendo Switch version of the game in 2023. In the game, you can get shiny stones from the little mole girl who runs a shop in Morville.

To get it, you need to trade it for expensive fireworks. This beautiful stone is the key to unlocking a sealed door in Monster Town, leading to a room where you can challenge and fight a character named Kurex. While you can only sell shiny gems for two coins, there is another option.

You can exchange it for Mole Girl in exchange for Carbon Cookies. Additionally, giving the stone to the Mole Girl in the Bucket will give you access to the waterfall mini-game for free, although it will cost you the stone. As such, the Shiny Stone is a valuable item in the game that helps you unlock doors and provides some interesting trading and gameplay opportunities to trade with the Mole Girls of Morville.

Super Mario RPG Extra Shiny Stones

In Super Mario RPG Remake, there is a special item called an “Extra Shiny Stone” that you can obtain by defeating a boss named Johnny in a rematch. This rematch takes place after you complete the game’s main story in the post-game phase.

Here’s how to get super shiny gems:

  • Post-Waiting Game: Boss rematches, including Johnny’s, are only available after you’ve completed the game’s main story. So please play through the main game first.
  • Rematch with Johnny: Find Johnny for a boss rematch. In this case, he will be in his boss rematch state, called “Duel Ready Johnny.”
  • Defeat Johnny: In the rematch, defeat Johnny in combat. Once you do that, he’ll reward you with extra shiny stones.

Therefore, the Extra Shiny Stone is a special item that you can obtain by confronting Johnny in a rematch after completing the game’s main story. It adds an extra element of challenge and rewards you with this unique item once you achieve victory.

There are other bosses you should deal with before rematching Johnny, they are:


Recommended level

hoarse throat bellome

twenty one

Upgraded Puchinello

twenty four

Engine 023 Booster

twenty four

Extra Bund and Extra Raspberry

twenty four

Duel ready johnny

twenty four


Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a video game produced by Square and Nintendo in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was the last Mario game for the SNES. The story follows Mario and friends as they try to stop the Blacksmith Gang from breaking into their world and scattering seven star fragments. The game is the first role-playing game in the Mario series and is inspired by Square Enix’s Final Fantasy. In combat, you can take turns fighting enemies with a team of up to three characters.

It was also the first Mario game to feature a 3D environment, adding new exploration and platforming elements. The Super Mario RPG is critically acclaimed for its humor and 3D graphics. It inspired other Mario role-playing games such as Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. It originally appeared on the SNES, and later on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles, as well as the Super NES Classic Edition. Recently, the remake for Nintendo Switch was released globally on November 17, 2023 and received positive reviews.

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Super Mario RPG






Maekawa Yoshihiko, Fujioka Chihiro


Shigeru Miyamoto


Deep Valley Civilization


Hideo Minaba, Kiyofumi Kato, Yuko Hae


Kensuke Tanabe, Atsushi Teshima


Yoko Shimomura




Unity (Nintendo Switch)


Super NES, Nintendo Switch

release date

SNES: Japan – March 9, 1996; North America – May 13, 1996;

Nintendo Switch: WW – November 17, 2023


role play


single player

Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, the gameplay combines elements of classic Mario platformers and traditional Japanese role-playing. The game has two main parts: exploring the world and turn-based combat. When not fighting, the game looks like a 3D platformer, with Mario doing familiar things like hitting question blocks. Unlike some RPGs, there are no sudden battles; you can see enemies on the map and only touch them to fight them. This allows you to avoid fights you don’t want.

In the beginning, you control Mario, but your team gradually grows to include up to five characters, each with unique skills. For example, Princess Toadstool can heal, while Geno and Bowser focus on powerful attacks. Combat is turn-based, and you can choose actions such as attacking or using items. The coolest thing is the Action Commands, where you time button presses to make actions more effective. The combination of Mario-style exploration and RPG combat makes Super Mario RPG a unique and fun game.

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