Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 1.28 Update: All New Features

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Developed by Torn Banner Studios and published by Tripwire Interactive, Chivalry 2 is a thrilling multiplayer hack-and-slash action video game. Released on June 8, 2021, it is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, which was originally released in 2012. Chivalry 2 delivers an immersive and chaotic medieval combat experience on multiple platforms including Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Set in a fictional medieval world, Chivalry 2 plunges players into epic battles filled with fierce sword fights, sieges, and large-scale conflicts. The game emphasizes the brutal and brutal nature of medieval combat, allowing players to use various weapons such as swords, axes, maces, and more.

Engage in strategic and skill-based combat where players can launch devastating attacks, block incoming attacks, and utilize a variety of strategies to gain the upper hand in battle. The multiplayer aspect of Chivalry 2 is a standout feature, offering team-based objective modes and free-for-all combat. Players can join forces with friends or other online players to storm castles, defend strategic points, or engage in chaotic skirmishes across vast and detailed maps.

With a focus on teamwork, players can coordinate their efforts to achieve victory and immerse themselves in the chaos and camaraderie of medieval warfare.

Chivalry 2 Patch Notes 1.28 Update


Resolved login errors on multiple platforms

Further attempts to fix “invalid game data” error when joining a match

Fixed an issue that caused the Night Warrior armor set to stretch when dismembered

Fixed an issue where the Night Wanderer armor set would stretch when dismembered

Bridgetown has been further optimized

Audio performance optimization

Further crash fixes


Solved the problem that Crossparty related systems often caused lags

Optimized the stability and status of friend lists on each platform

Fixed an issue where the “Failed to go to session” prompt would cause a soft lock

Fixed an issue where entering the customization screen after leaving an independent match would break the main menu in a party


Investigating an issue where players could be locked on one platform when switching between console and PC Xbox accounts

Chivalry 2 Update 1.28

Get ready for some exciting changes to Chivalry 2 as update 1.28 arrives! Torn Banner Studios has released this latest update, also known as Hotfix 2.8.3, on all platforms on June 26. So let’s dive into the official patch notes and see what tweaks and improvements have been made in this update. First and foremost, this update brings a series of changes to enhance the overall gaming experience.

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Torn Banner Studios has been hard at work ironing out various issues and making adjustments to ensure combat is smoother and more enjoyable. Among the major changes in Chivalry 2 update 1.28, you can expect bug fixes and optimizations targeting specific aspects of the game. These improvements are designed to eliminate any annoying glitches or glitches that might prevent you from playing the game.

Additionally, Torn Banner Studios listened to player feedback and made adjustments based on input from the community. This means that certain features or mechanics may have been tweaked to better align with player expectations and preferences.

Chivalry 2 gameplay

Step into the chaotic and exciting world of Chivalry 2, where you can unleash medieval chaos like never before! Be prepared to wield a variety of deadly weapons, from warhammers and maces to longswords and battleaxes. Whether you prefer to charge on horseback or face off against your enemies on foot, the choice is yours!

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Swing, slash and stab in epic battles, using a combination of skills and strategy to outwit your opponents. Timing is everything as you block hostile attacks, parry attacks, and deliver devastating strikes. But be careful, swinging your weapon recklessly may accidentally hit your teammates! oops!

But wait, there’s more! Ever wanted to use dismembered limbs or decapitated heads as weapons? Well, in Chivalry 2, you can! Get creative and throw melee weapons at enemies, but be aware that you may find yourself defenseless later. These, my friends, are calculated risks. Choose your allegiance in fierce combat as the Order of Agatha and the Order of Masons clash in epic team mode. But wait, there’s a twist!

The Tenosian Empire joined the fray as a third faction in a later update, bringing even more chaos into the mix. It’s a colorful battlefield, filled with blue and white knights and red and black warriors, with a hint of Tenosian flair. Embark on epic team objective missions where you must storm the enemy’s castle, destroy the final objective, protect or eliminate the Duke, or simply annihilate the opposing team. Each battle unfolds in stages, with unique objectives to solve.

Time is of the essence as you must complete the mission before time runs out. Keep in mind that sometimes top players can become Dukes and enjoy some special perks. Talk about an imperial advantage!

Chivalry 2 trailer

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