Where to Get Shroud Spores in Enshrouded? Get Shroud Spores in Enshrouded

Where can I get Shroud Spores?

To obtain Shroud Spores in The Shroud, venture into the mysterious Shroud, a misty realm filled with enemies tainted by the Shroud. Defeat these enemies with crafted weapons such as swords or wands, and loot the resulting piles of ash and bones to collect valuable items, including Shroud Spores.

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While this is not guaranteed to be the case in every encounter, this method is still the primary way to obtain Shroud Spores for crafting. Watch out for blue mobs inside the Shroud, as they will often drop Shroud Spores as well as other loot such as runes and rags.

Equip yourself with weapons crafted from previous encounters and be ready for battle when you spot these creatures. These Shroud Spores are essential for crafting powerful early game items in Shroud.

For your initial crafting efforts using Shroud Spores, consider prioritizing glider creation. Requiring 8 Shroud Wood, 2 Animal Pelts, 2 Ropes, and 2 Shroud Spores, the Glider has proven invaluable in the vast world of the Shroud, providing a reliable way to navigate the terrain , without worrying about drop damage.

Equip the glider before trying to soar through the air and enjoy the unique and exciting experience it brings to Enshrouded, setting it apart from other survival/crafting games on the market.

What is the first crafting priority to use Shroud Spores in Shroud?

In Enshrouded, the first order of business with the Shroud Spore is to create a glider. Shroud Spores are obtained by defeating enemies within the Shroud and are a key ingredient in crafting this essential item.

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The Glider requires 8 Shroud Wood, 2 Animal Pelts, 2 Rope, and 2 Shroud Spores, and has proven to be a game-changer in the vast world of Shroud. Navigating the vast terrain of Enshrouded can be challenging, and gliders offer a solution, providing a reliable way to travel without fear of fall damage.

Equipping a glider before exploring ensures a seamless experience, allowing players to easily traverse different landscapes and enjoy the thrill of soaring through the air at high speeds.

This Shroud Spores-driven crafting option not only enhances mobility, but also adds a unique dimension to the gameplay that sets Enshrouded apart from other survival and crafting games on the market. As a result, gliders stand out as a top recommended production priority, enhancing the overall adventure and exploration in the mysterious and challenging world of Enshrouded.


Enshrouded is a blockbuster game, releasing on January 24, 2024, that seamlessly blends exploration, combat, and teamwork into a vast and mysterious realm. Known for its intense boss battles and cooperative play for up to 16 players on dedicated servers, the game immerses users in the ruins of a magnificent kingdom where scavenging is vital amid the fog of corruption.

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With added depth to the complexity of crafting and survival, Enshrouded promises a unique adventure reminiscent of Valheim and Minecraft. It is an MMO that features block worlds and online multiplayer action RPG games, providing fans with a dynamic and exciting gaming experience.

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Updated on January 5, 2024, Enshrouded’s gameplay offers a captivating blend of exploration, combat, and teamwork in a vast and mysterious world. Surviving the remains of a great kingdom requires searching through the fog of corruption.

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The game stands out for its intense boss battles, supports up to 16 players on dedicated servers, and fosters a strong community spirit. Crafting and survival elements add depth, and players can create weapons and structures relevant to the storyline.

Drawing inspiration from Valheim and Minecraft, each session is a unique adventure filled with dark horror. Enshrouded is classified as an MMO, which features a block-based world and online multiplayer action role-playing gameplay. Server hosting will begin on January 24th at GTXGaming.

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