How to Complete Summons of The Deathless in Diablo 4? Know Here!

Diablo 4 undead summons

“Call of the Undead” is a quest line in the popular game “Diablo 4”, set in the dark fantasy world of Asylum. In this questline, players will embark on a challenging adventure that includes facing a vampire lord and completing a series of tasks in the first chapter of the seasonal journey. To conquer this questline, you’ll need to collect specific items, complete various objectives, and activate special abilities while navigating the game’s dangerous terrain.

This is a fascinating part of Diablo 4 that adds depth and excitement to the game, and we’ll guide you through the steps to successfully complete it. ]

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How to complete the Undead Summon in Diablo 4?

To complete the Call of the Undead mission in Diablo 4 Season 2, you need to follow a series of steps. First, talk to the Inquisitor to start Season 2. Then, check the three items highlighted in green. Afterwards, you will face the vampire lord. There appear to be no more mission objectives, but to complete this mission you must complete the first chapter mission in Season’s Journey, which involves eight missions:

1. “Scarlet Garden”: Collect 10 Red Danming from Dry Grassland.

2. “The Kind Stranger”: Complete three priority or side quests.

3. “What lurks below”: Complete a cellar.

4. “Waste Not”: Salvage seven items at the blacksmith or jeweler.

5. “Across the Golden Wasteland”: Clear two dungeons in the dry grassland.

6. “Survival in the Wilderness”: Complete a world event.

7. “Contract Forged”: Find a contract armor, which can be used after completing or skipping the campaign.

8. “A Drop of Blood”: Activate vampire power, which can also be used after completing or skipping the campaign.

After completing all eight missions, you will have successfully completed the Call of the Undead questline and can continue your journey through Season 2 in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 Wiki

“Diablo IV” is a video game released in 2023, produced by Blizzard Entertainment, and is the fourth major game in the “Diablo” series. They first revealed the news to everyone at BlizzCon 2019. You can play it on different platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as on a regular computer.

In the game, you can create a character from one of five professions: barbarian, druid, necromancer, rogue, or magician. You can use your character’s skills to complete missions through combat. The game has some things from older Diablo games, like dungeons that change every time you play, and cool gear to build your character with. But it also has some new things, like a large open world and combat that pits players against each other. People who reviewed the game spoke highly of Diablo IV. They loved the story and the feel of the game. After it came out, it made a lot of money in just five days, about $666 million.

Diablo 4 gameplay

The main gameplay of the series consists of obtaining more powerful equipment by defeating stronger enemies, using different character skills that can be customized through equipment and talent selection. These battles help advance the story and missions. Enemies are divided into different categories based on theme and fighting style, and various enemy types can work together using unique abilities.

Compared to Diablo III, Diablo IV aims to tell a more grounded story, focusing on the ordinary people in Sanctuary rather than politics or kings. Your character’s power in combat depends on their attributes and the equipment they possess. Offensive attributes like Attack and Critical Chance increase damage, while defensive attributes like Elemental Resistance and Defense make you more resilient.

The game also introduces new attributes that have both beneficial and negative effects. Equipment comes in different rarities, with the rarest items having special effects. You can trade and craft items, but not the most powerful items. The game’s limited-time seasons change how legendary powers work and also include microtransactions for cosmetics. You need an internet connection to play; it cannot be played offline.

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