Remnant 2 Ionic Crystal, How To Get Ionic Crystal In Remnant 2?

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Remnant 2 is an epic video game that lets players experience an immersive adventure filled with action, exploration, and survival elements. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Remnant: From the Ashes, expanding the post-apocalyptic world and introducing new challenges, environments and storylines.

In Remnant 2, players find themselves in a fractured world ravaged by an extraordinary force called The Root. The Root, an evil entity, has devoured countless realms, corrupting both nature and humanity. As a tenacious survivor, your mission is to uncover the secrets behind the Root invasion, find the source of its power, and find a way to save the remnants of civilization.

The game offers a vast and vibrant world to explore, with diverse landscapes ranging from desolate cities to overgrown forests and dangerous dungeons. Each area has unique dangers, hidden secrets, and powerful enemies to overcome. Players can explore these environments alone or cooperatively with friends, promoting intense team play and strategic cooperation.

Remnant 2 offers an in-depth character progression system that allows players to create their own unique play style. You can choose from a variety of character classes, each with their own unique abilities, weapons, and playstyles. As you journey through the game, you’ll acquire new weapons, armor, and mods, all of which can be upgraded and customized to suit your preferred fighting style.

A key aspect of Remnant 2 is its challenging combat encounters. Players will face huge and menacing creatures, each with their own set of attacks and behaviors. Quick reactions, precise targeting, and strategic decision-making are critical to defeating these powerful opponents. Additionally, the game features a dynamic scaling system, ensuring that the challenges you face adapt to your character’s level and progression.

Remnant 2 tells a rich and immersive narrative through compelling storytelling that reveals the history of the world, the origins of the Roots, and the fate of the remaining human survivors. Your choices and actions will greatly affect the outcome of the story, with multiple branching paths and endings to discover.

Remnant 2 delivers an engaging, thrilling gameplay experience that combines intense combat, exploration and a gripping storyline. With its challenging gameplay, cooperative multiplayer, and vast world to explore, the game will bring endless adventure and excitement to players looking for a post-apocalyptic journey like no other.

Ruin 2 Ionic Crystal

In Remnant 2, Ionic Crystal is a crafting material with unusual conductive and absorbing properties. It is a common but unique crafting material used to enhance various items in the game. Ionic crystals are known for their excellent electrical conductivity and are highly sought after by gamers.

To obtain Ion Crystals in Remnant 2, you may need to explore different areas, defeat enemies, or complete specific tasks or challenges. The exact method of obtaining Ion Crystals may vary depending on the mechanics and progression of the game. It is recommended to consult the game guide, forums, or official Remnant 2 resources for more details on how to obtain Ion Crystals in the game.

Remember to check in-game locations, interact with NPCs, and complete objectives to increase your chances of finding or obtaining Ion Crystals. Additionally, certain characters or vendors in the game may offer Ion Crystals as rewards or trade.

Since Remnant 2 may have unique gameplay elements and mechanics, it is recommended to consult specific in-game resources or the Remnant 2 community for accurate and up-to-date information on how to obtain Ion Crystals in the game.


How to get Ion Crystal in Ruin 2?

To get Ion Crystals in Ruin 2, you can follow these steps:

  • EXPLORE: Thoroughly explore each area of ​​the game to discover ion crystals hidden in nooks and crannies. As you explore, keep an eye out for valuable loot and crafting materials.
  • Defeat Enemies: Engage in combat and defeat enemies as some of them may drop Ion Crystals upon death. Stand up to your enemies on your journey to increase your chances of obtaining these crystals.
  • Complete Missions and Challenges: Start specific missions and challenges in the game and receive Ion Crystals as a reward upon successful completion. Focus on mission objectives and participate in challenges to obtain these precious crafting materials.
  • Interact with NPCs and Vendors: Have conversations with NPCs (non-player characters) scattered throughout the game world. Complete their missions and quests as they may offer Ion Crystals as a reward. Additionally, explore the vendor inventory to see if Ion Crystals can be purchased using in-game currency or other resources.

Keep in mind that the availability and methods of obtaining Ion Crystals may vary between different areas of the game. It is recommended to consult the game guide, online forums, or official Remnant 2 resources to gather specific information on locations and strategies for obtaining Ion Crystals. Through these methods, you can obtain the elusive Ion Crystals and harness their power to embark on adventures in Remnant 2.

What is the use of ionic crystals in Remnant 2?

The ionic crystals in Remnant 2 have excellent conductivity and absorption properties, making them a highly sought-after craft material with a variety of applications including:

  • Upgrade weapons and armor: Use ion crystals as upgrade materials to enhance the power and effectiveness of weapons and armor in Remnant 2. Infusing them into your gear can enhance damage output and durability, among other beneficial effects.
  • Craft Weapon Mods: Use Ion Crystals to craft weapon mods – attachments that modify a weapon’s behavior, functionality, or damage output. By using these crystals, you can create powerful and unique mods that provide a tactical advantage in battle.
  • Create consumables: Craft ionic crystals into various consumables, such as potions or buffs, which can temporarily enhance your character’s abilities. These consumables enhance damage, defense, health regeneration, and other beneficial effects during combat.
  • Trade and Economy: Under certain circumstances, Ion Crystals can become valuable trade goods in the game’s economy. NPC vendors or traders may be willing to exchange these crystals for rare items, weapons, or resources, allowing you to acquire new gear or valuable resources.

It’s important to realize that the specific application of Ionic Crystals depends on your character’s specialization and the crafting recipes available in Remnant 2. To discover other uses for these crystals, explore the game world extensively, interact with NPCs, and try various material combinations. Embrace the power of Ion Crystals and carve a path to victory in Remnant 2.

What crafting materials are available in Remnant 2?

Crafting materials play a vital role in successfully completing Ruin 2, not just upgrading materials. Here are the locations of all available crafting materials in Remnant 2.

  • Aphasic Driftwood – Dropped by Yaesha’s Legion boss
  • Alkahest Powder – Dropped from Gwendil the Unburned in Lothorm
  • Echoes of Annamy – Attack Nimue with the Dream Catcher melee weapon while they sleep. Use the consumables they give you. Located on the edge of the island.
  • Blood Moon Essence – Dropped from Yaesha’s Roots
  • Bloody Steel – In Losom, give the Red Prince enough Scarlet King Coins
  • The expansion king’s bone juice drops
  • Broken compass dropped from destruction
  • Broken Clock completes Clock Tower event
  • Code Stick – found in the maze
  • Convergence Prism – Dropped from the Labyrinth Sentinel in the Labyrinth
  • Cordyceps Gland – Dropped from Eight Aesha Mother Heart
  • Cracked Shell – dropped from Progenitor
  • The scarlet membrane dropped by the Eight Aesha Raider
  • Cursed Dreamsilk – Drop from the Nightweaver in Losomn
  • Tattered Rune – Found in Lothom
  • Dread Core – Dropped from Venom in Rootsoil
  • Shard of Eidolon – Dropped by Shahhara: Nerud’s Ghost Keeper
  • Upgraded circuit – located in N’Erud
  • Faded Grimoire – Found in Yaesha, but requires Blood Moon Essence
  • Seed of Faith – Found in Yaesha
  • Forgotten Memories – Dropped from Oblivion
  • Abandoned Shard – Dropped from the Red Prince in Lothom
  • Seed of Heart – Found in Bayesha
  • Hollow Heart – Dropped by Yaesha’s Corruptor
  • Impostor’s Heart – Drop from Faelin in Losomn
  • Medical Pin – Can be purchased from Dr. Noah for 1,500 Scrap
  • Molten Hilt – Drop from Faerin in Losomn
  • Mutant Growth – Dropped by N’Erud’s Abomination
  • Chains of Necrotic Cells – Dropped from Cancer at the Roots of the Earth
  • Old Metal Tools – sold by Reggie for 1,500 scrap
  • Philosopher’s Stone – Dropped from Manticora in Losomn, Manticora from the Gutter event
  • Reaver’s Maw – Defeat the Corrupted Reaver after signing the pact
  • Root Ganglion – Dropped from the Root Mantis in the prologue
  • Rusty Medal – Sold by Barbus for 1,500 scrap
  • Divine Hunting Feather – Attack Huntress while she sleeps to gain consumables and defeat Huntress
  • Scrap – Defeat enemies and open chests
  • Scroll of Binding – Found in Eight Aesha
  • Pathfinder Residue – Dropped from Astropath
  • Sentinel’s Old Iris – Drop from the Custodian’s Eye
  • Serum W-13 – found in root soil
  • Echoes of Shining Essence – Drop from Tal Ratha
  • Stasis Core – Solving the Zombie Cave Incident
  • Tainted Ichor – Drop from Magister Dullian
  • Twilight Dactylium – Drop from Kaeula’s Shadow
  • Twisted Lapis Lazuli – Dropped by the Corruptor
  • Worn Cylinder – Talk to Mudfang multiple times
  • Ionic Crystal – Found in N’Erud
  • Nightweaver’s Finger – Dropped by destroying the Nightweaver’s heart
  • Revered Spearhead – Dropped by Huntress
  • Spiced Bile – Dropped from Tallasa
  • Acid Jaws – Dropped from Tallasa
  • Void Cinder – Dropped using the Overlay Needle in the console before fighting Nierud’s Spectral Guardian Shahara.
  • Wooden Knife – Found at the Port of Corruption Rest Point after swinging the Dreamcatcher over the blue particle effect

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