Who are Steve Wozniak Parents? Meet Margaret Louise Wozniak and Francis Jacob Wozniak

So who are Steve Wozniak’s parents? According to our research, Steve Wozniak’s parents are Margaret Louise Wozniak and Frances Jacob Wozniak. Steve Wozniak is an American entrepreneur born on August 11, 1950.

real name Stephen Gary Wozniak
Nick name Steve Wozniak
date of birth August 11, 1950
age 73 years old
high 168 cm, 5 feet 6 inches
weight 90 kg (199 lbs)
place of birth San Jose, California, USA
gender male
Profession American Entrepreneur
Country of Citizenship American
eye color brown dark
hair color salt and pepper
zodiac signs Leo

Francis Jacob Wozniak

Margaret Louise Wozniak

Who is Steve Wozniak?

Steve Wozniak, widely considered the co-founder of Apple, was a pioneering American entrepreneur and inventor whose contributions to the world of technology left an indelible mark. Wozniak was born in San Jose, California on August 11, 1950. His life was filled with relentless innovation and groundbreaking achievements.

Wozniak’s journey began with a passion for electronics and engineering. As a young prodigy, he showed extraordinary talents in computer programming and hardware design. His defining moment came in 1976, when he founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Their invention, the Apple I, marked the beginning of the personal computer revolution.

Steve Wozniak’s groundbreaking design and engineering prowess were instrumental in developing the Apple II, a computer that transformed the technology industry and cemented Apple’s place in history. His commitment to user-friendly technology and elegant design principles helped shape Apple’s ethos, resulting in the iconic products we know today.


Steve Wozniak age

Steve Wozniak, born on August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California, is 73 years old. Despite his advanced age, Wozniak continues to inspire and influence the tech world with his visionary ideas and commitment to innovation. Wozniak’s journey, from his early days tinkering with computers to co-founding Apple and other companies, is a testament to his enduring passion for technology. His optimism and boundless curiosity have not diminished over the years and he remains an influential figure in the industry.

Steve Wozniak height and weight

Steve Wozniak has a unique appearance, with an average height and a slim build. Wozniak is estimated to be about 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall, and maintains a relatively light build.

His height and weight of 90 kilograms (199 pounds) have never been central to his public image, as Steve Wozniak is primarily known for his seminal contributions to the technology industry. His ideas and innovations have always taken center stage, belying any physical attributes.

Wozniak’s humble appearance and focus on technical achievements endeared him to the global tech community, where he emphasized the idea that true genius transcends the realm of physics. His impact on the world of computing and entrepreneurship far outweighs any consideration of his height and weight, making him an iconic figure in the history of American innovation.

physical properties



168 cm (5 ft 6 in)


90 kg (199 lbs)

Steve Wozniak Nationality

Steve Wozniak’s nationality is American. Born on August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California, USA. An American entrepreneur and inventor, Wozniak is a proud American citizen whose life’s work is deeply intertwined with the American technology landscape.

Wozniak’s contributions to the technology industry, particularly his co-founding of Apple, not only revolutionized personal computing but also played a key role in shaping the global technology industry. His inventions and innovations brought the American spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and technological progress to every corner of the world.

Steve Wozniak’s acting career

  • Steve Wozniak is an American technology entrepreneur, electrical engineer, computer scientist, computer programmer, philanthropist and inventor. He is best known for co-founding Apple Computer with Steve Jobs.
  • Wozniak was born in 1950 in San Jose, California. He was a talented engineer and programmer and began building computers in his spare time. In 1976, he and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer in Jobs’s garage. The company’s first product was the Apple I, a kit computer sold to hobbyists. In 1977, Apple released the Apple II, a more user-friendly computer that became a commercial success.
  • Wozniak left Apple in 1985, but he continued to be active in the technology industry. He founded several companies, including CL 9, which created the first programmable universal remote control, and Wheels of Zeus, which developed wireless GPS technology. He is also involved in several philanthropic endeavors, including the Museum of Innovation and Technology and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  • Wozniak is a recipient of the National Medal of Technology and the IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award. He is a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the Computer History Museum Hall of Fame.

Here are some of Steve Wozniak’s career highlights:

  • Co-founder of Apple Computer (1976)
  • Designing the Apple I and Apple II computers
  • Won the National Technology Medal (1985)
  • Member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame (1988)
  • Established CL 9 (1987)
  • Creation of Wheel of Zeus (1990)

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