Starfield Operation Starseed Walkthrough, Gameplay and More

Starseed Starfield Operation

Operation Starseed in Starfield is an exciting mission when you receive a distress signal (specifically from Charybdis III) while exploring the Charybdis solar system. The mission will begin. After investigating, you will find a place called “Crucible” where you can start this adventure.

In this mission, you’ll meet a variety of interesting characters, including clones of historical figures such as Franklin Roosevelt and Genghis Khan. These leaders have different visions for their communities, and your choices will affect the outcome of the mission. You’ll explore the facility, face challenges and gather important information.

Ultimately, the mission centers on deciding the fate of the community in the Crucible and the clones who live there. Your choices affect the ending and rewards, including points and the chance to recruit an Amelia Earhart clone. While it may take some time to complete, Operation Starseed offers a rewarding and engaging experience in a vast starry world.

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Operation Starseed Rehearsal

Start task

  • To begin Operation Starseed, travel to Charybdis III, a level 65 planet in the Charybdis System.
  • As you approach the system, you will receive a distress signal and the system will initiate a mission.

Meet Tobias

  • After investigating the distress signal, you’ll land on Charybdis III’s Crucible.
  • You’ll encounter a robot named Tobias who will ask for copper, but your decisions here won’t affect the mission.

Meet Ada Lovelace

  • While talking to Tobias, he is interrupted by a human named Ada Lovelace.
  • Ada will direct you to Franklin, one of the leaders of the settlement.

Meet Franklin Roosevelt

  • Head to the building in the center of town to meet Franklin Roosevelt, a clone of the former U.S. President.
  • Franklin wants The Crucible closed, but believes no one should leave the community.

Meet other leaders

  • Franklin will send you to talk to other leaders in the community.
  • You’ll meet clones of historical figures like Wyatt Earp, Amelia Earhart, Queen Amani Rainas, and Genghis Khan.

Conversations and goals

  • These leaders have different goals for the community.
  • Queen Amanirinas wanted to restore the Crucible, while Genghis Khan wanted to destroy it.
  • You can directly influence the fate of your community based on your conversations.

Return to Franklin

  • Return to Franklin and he will take you to The Facility, where the citizen clones come from.

Dealing with maggot throat

  • Inside the facility, you’ll encounter a powerful enemy named “Margotmo.”
  • Defeat it and collect seven audio logs from within the facility.

Choose a side

  • You will be able to select which leader should receive information from the facility.
  • This decision affects future conversation options.

Investigate Bel V

  • After making your decision, return to Ada Lovelace and she will tell you that there is a ship named “The Beagle” near the Bell System.

follow the beagle

  • Head to the Zelazny Galaxy, 27 light-years away, to chase the Beagle.
  • Prepare for fighting with security forces.

Find coverage code

  • Inside the Beagle, you need to fight robots to reach the data core.
  • Download the coverage code for the facility from the data core.

To attend a meeting

  • Returning to the Crucible, leaders will debate Beyond Code.
  • Deciding which leader to side with: Genghis Khan or Franklin, had different consequences.

Decryption code

  • After an intense meeting, meet Ada Lovelace to decrypt the coverage code.
  • Previously locked areas of the facility become accessible.

Process the facility again

  • Return to the facility where you will face hostile aliens and robots in combat.
  • Make final choices about mission outcomes, impacting the community.


  • Depending on your selection, you will receive points as a reward.
  • If you avoid the option of killing all clones, you can also recruit clones of Amelia Earhart.
  • Loot the costumes of leaders killed during meetings as an added bonus.


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