Where To Find The Sharpshooters Skates Skin In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk? Know Here!

What is the Outlaw Skate Skin in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

The Outlaw Skate Skin in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a unique set of skates that you can collect in the game. It is one of the skates available for players to use in competitions. With this you can do more stunts and will help increase your reputation score in order to become a valued member of the gang as part of the gameplay.

Additionally, skates are not the only thing that can be equipped in the game, there are other similar elements such as skateboards and BMX bikes. People can also collect them and use them in games. Become an important member of the gang and become the best in the city of Amsterdam. That’s all you need for this Outlaw Skate Skin from the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk game.

Where can I find the Outlaw Skates skin in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

To find the “Sharpshooters” skate skin in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, follow these detailed instructions:


The “Outlaw” skate skin can be found in Edge Terminal.

Visit this area:

Head to the area where you fought Escher at the end of Chapter 2. This is an easily identifiable place. And you also need to gain enough reputation to get past the “old man” blocking the way to this area. The skates are located.Make sure you accumulate the required reputation points by completing missions and missions

Glass roof and mini mall tunnel:

Look for a tunnel with a glass roof that resembles a mini-mall. This tunnel is where you find the skates.

Arriving at Skates:

In order to reach the skates, you need to break the glass roof covering the tunnel. To do this, equip the skates with crosshairs. This crosshair is important because it signals the presence of a sniper. This detail becomes a “galactic brain moment” when you realize the connection.

Wall riding and grinding:

To climb up to the glass roof, use wall riding and grinding nearby scenery. This will give you the height you need to reach the glass roof.

Equipment skates:

Once you’ve broken the glass roof, you can use the skates. Interact with them and make them fit your character.

The Orange Skate Mystery:

This position may help remedy any confusion regarding the “orange” skates, as this particular position may pose a challenge.

Remember, the Outlaw skate skin is hidden under a glass roof in the tunnel, similar to the mini-mall at Brinker Terminal. Utilize the markings on the skate and use wall rides and grinds to get in touch with the skate. This unique location and approach make this discovery very meaningful.


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Skates

Ice Skates in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk: Ice skates are a piece of equipment in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk that allow the character to move quickly and perform stunts in the game’s urban environments. They provide a unique way to travel and add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

To unlock the skates, players need to complete the game’s story and reach Chapter 3. Once you reach this point, return to the hideout and enter the skate’s garage door. This will give you access to the skates, allowing you to equip them regardless of your role.

Roller skates offer a variety of benefits, including increased speed and agility. They allow players to easily traverse the city, perform stunts, and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The unique movement style of the skates adds to the energetic and dynamic atmosphere of the game. We have provided a list of skate skins and their locations.

Gear skin (skates)

Location details

glacier skates

Found behind a painting in the Millennium Square office area.

Red industrial skates

Jump over the tracks near the entrance to Millennium Square.

Sweet Royal Skates

Inside the vending machine at Millennium Plaza.

cold killer

The upper level of Millennium Square, accessible by climbing the wall or jumping.

strawberry missile

Hidden under glass near Veeram Hill train station. Use your skates to break the glass.

mecha opponent

Unlocked after gaining enough reputation from “Old Man” at the Edge Terminal.

orange shock wave

Also in Brink Terminal, near the lower area.


At the lower end of the Edge Terminal, you can enter by breaking the glass.


The same area as the Sharpshooter, unlocked after gaining enough reputation from the “Old Man”.

bomb dash cyberpunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an independent action-adventure platform video game developed and published by Team Reptile. The game will be released on August 18, 2023 for Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch, with a planned September 1, 2023 release for PlayStation and Xbox.

In the game, players control a member of a youth gang called the Bomb Troopers. Gameplay revolves around using inline skates, skateboards, and bicycles to traverse the fictional city of New Amsterdam.

The goal is to take control of all five boroughs of the city by spraying graffiti, challenging rival gangs and evading authorities. The game features a cartoon-rendered art style inspired by the 2000 video game “Jet Set Radio” released by SEGA for the Dreamcast console.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s music, aesthetics, and gameplay pay homage to Jet Set Radio, with Jet Set Radio series composer Hideki Naganuma making a notable contribution to the game’s soundtrack.

Gameplay involves players using the equipment of their choice (skateboard, inline skates or BMX bike) to traverse the city, perform stunts and increase their gang’s reputation (REP). The superpower backpack can increase movement speed. Players can increase their reputation by painting graffiti on buildings, and by doing so, they can challenge rival gangs and attempt to take control of New Amsterdam’s five boroughs.

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